Intel SOA Expressway

About Intel® SOA Expressway
SOA Expressway is a soft-appliance
deployed as an XML gateway to address common XML and
SOA problem areas such as acceleration,
security, service mediation and service
governance. SOA Expressway is available
for any organization deploying services
(SOA) or looking to reduce security
risks for access to cloud services. It is
“ecosystem neutral” and integrates with
existing identity management, middleware
and security monitoring investments.
SOA Expressway is available for standard
operating systems such as Windows and
Linux and requires no special custom
hardware other than standard OEM


4 Responses to “Intel SOA Expressway”

  1. Ron Howell Says:

    Blake and Team at Intel,

    Is the SOA Expressway shipping today ?

    is pricing available ?

    thank you,

    Ron Howell

  2. Sigal Says:

    I am also interested in pricing

  3. Rich Hill Says:

    Any chance Intel has some standard Visio stencils for this appliance?

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