Webinar: Mobile Optimized Healthcare API Programs

Registration is now open for our next webinar on Tuesday, March 5 at 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern – “Mobile Optimized Healthcare API Programs:  New Revenue from Legacy Data”

Mobile apps, partner & developer API programs, and healthcare data are converging to create new revenue opportunities for Healthcare providers via API developer community portals.  We’ve assembled a panel of experts from the industry to present case studies from Aetna and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association that illustrate best practices for building a successful API program.

While the case studies come from Healthcare, companies any industry can apply many of the ideas from this webinar to jumpstart their own API community initiatives.  The discussion will cover topics including:

  • Gateway security patterns to safely repackage legacy data and services as APIs
  • How to construct, share, and promote APIs to developers using API workshops and branded portals
  • How to build a mobile-optimized back end that securely exposes enterprise assets via standard internet protocols (e.g. OAuth & JSON)

Our speakers will include security expert Gunnar Peterson, Mashery’s Chuck Freedman, Intel’s Blake Dournaee, and a special guest speaker from Aetna.  In addition, all attendees will receive a Mobile API Architecture White Paper.  We hope you’ll join us!


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