Enterprise Mobile App Strategies

This Thursday, I will be presenting a webinar with Forrester covering 4 Building Blocks to Mobilize Your Enterprise App Strategy.  As we prepared for this talk, Mike and I talked about a few trends that are emerging in response to the BYOD-driven growth of enterprise apps.  First, the pervasive 3-tier hosting architecture we all know and love may not be the best fit for hybrid or native applications, but the industry doesn’t seem to have bottomed out on what to call the new model(s) that will replace 3-tier.  Second, while it would be nice to throw out all of the legacy baggage we’re carrying around with us, the reality is that we need to securely integrate new technologies with legacy services in order to provide the best possible mobile enterprise experience.  Finally, with a stable and secure set of APIs in place, developers are looking to SDKs that can streamline multi-platform development.

In Thursday’s webinar, we’ll look at how mobile middleware is enabling native applications to access data through APIs, signaling an evolution from traditional 3-tier architectures.  We’ll also talk about how REST/JSON APIs are being integrated with SOAP services and other data sources to create composite applications.  Click here to sign up for the webinar, and stay tuned for our “Mobile Middleware Buyers Guide” that takes a closer look at some of the building blocks for enterprise app mobilization.


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