Announcing Intel(R) Expressway API Manager

We are announcing today the availability of a new product called Intel(R) Expressway API Manager, which we call a composite API platform. What we’ve done here is integrated the Expressway Service Gateway with the developer portal and developer management features from API management market leader Mashery!

Composite API Platform

The solution is a composite because it’s ideal for large enterprises who want a hardened security gateway on-premise but also want the cost savings of a SaaS cloud for developer registration, sign-up and management. Further, Mashery has the benefit of experience, as they have been ‘doing’ API management since about 2006; their product is highly mature and a great match for Expressway.

Both teams are very excited about the new offering. Let’s highlight some of the features:

  • It’s an Intel product sold and supported by Intel. We think this is important for Enterprises that want to make an investment in API management from a large vendor
  • Intel customers get access to all gateway features including: RESTful service enablement, service orchestration, composition, provisioning, all authentication features, protocol and data format mediation, trust and threat processing, SLA management and API rate limiting.
  • A new API console provided by Intel allows you to manage gateway services as APIs
  • Intel customers also get a subscription to the Mashery cloud for developer on-boarding, registration, portal administration, content management system, community tools and developer enablement tools
  • Mashery and the Intel Gateway are fully integrated for access control, basic policies and analytics, with more integration planned for the future. This means Intel customers can use Mashery for developer registration, key generation, and provisioning API rate limits

We wanted a solution that would address large Enterprise requirements which often require “on-prem” traffic processing using a certified gateway but still offer the advantages of a SaaS cloud for evangelizing APIs to internal or external developers or business partners.




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