New Gartner Research – The Rise of Cloud Service Brokerage

The role of enterprise IT with respect to cloud services is rapidly expanding.  Whether the broad range of activities that the enablement of cloud services entails is managed internally or externally, cloud service brokerage is increasingly expected to be within enterprise IT’s wheelhouse, and this role is critical to scaling enterprise adoption of the cloud.  Proper delivery of cloud services is no small undertaking, given ever-increasing demand, and requires organizations to have a firm grasp on provisioning, integration, migration, APIs, support, billing and security amongst others functions with respect to cloud services.  Depending on the organization, these functions are developed to greater or lesser extents and so finding ways to quickly elevate areas in need of a boost is key.

Gartner’s brand new research on the Hype Cycle for Cloud Service Brokerage details how this role is emerging within enterprise IT and provides a clear framework to analyze the organizational and technical requirements for successful consumption of the cloud at the scale dictated by today’s businesses.  Read the full report here.


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