What You Need to Know about API Security

Since the growth of APIs “hockey-sticked” around 2005, the proliferation of web-based APIs has spanned every industry and vertical from e-commerce to map services to enterprise. APIs like that of Twitter, Amazon, and Netflix garner billions of API calls every day, and these represent just a few of the more visible.  With this rapid growth, on the order of 300-400 new APIs arriving each month, security is an ever-increasing concern.  Enterprise focused, SaaS based APIs are among the fastest growing segments, and in light of this, securing company assets and Data Loss Prevention are paramount.  The perimeter of enterprise networks has become amorphous as workflows increasingly leverage platforms and applications beyond the firewall.  So what does that mean for your organization’s security?

Attend our May 10th webinar featuring Intel, McAfee, and tech analyst & CTO, Dan Woods for an advanced perspective on what you should do to ensure API Security, specifically as related to Authentication, DLP, and Validation Controls.

 For more information about Intel Expressway Service Gateway — with free webinars, tutorials and expert blogs on securely exposing Web Services in the Cloud, please visit us at: www.intel.com/go/identity


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