Intel(R) Expressway Service Gateway and Splunk

If you’ve been around the SFO airport lately, you’ve probably seen advertisements for Splunk, which is a widely deployed monitoring tool for machine data that collects, indexes and harnesses log information generated by all your IT systems and infrastructure, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud.

I am proud to announce that we’ve developed an Expressway Service Gateway app for Splunk that provides operational intelligence for service gateway instances across any sort of network topology, including including monitoring across geographically separated data-centers. You can grab the plugin here.

Splunk can track and provide visibility for a host of important metrics such as the total number of transactions, policy invocations, requests from an IP address, requests to a back-end IP address (invocation), transactions per hour,  transactions per policy, top failures, CPU usage, as well as  produce PDF reports and searches across the Expressway transaction logs.  This provides a new level of operational intelligence for application level data, especially for Enterprises that expose services outside their Enterprise or use Expressway as a control point deployed on as a service provider, such as Amazon EC2 or Rackspace.

If you are interested in learning more about Intel(R) Expressway service gateway, please visit our website here.



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