Federal CIO VanRoekel details his ‘first’ priorities

With nearly three months on the job, federal chief information officer Steven VanRoekel is revisiting some long-standing technology priorities.

VanRoekel gave his first major policy speech recently, since taking over for Vivek Kundra in August, signaling how he plans to move the administration’s IT reform ball forward.

In this Federalnewsradio.com post, read about how:

  • OMB will promote “Share first” policy –The Office of Management and Budget will begin promoting a “share first” policy. VanRoekel said the idea is to have agencies look to others when buying technology or upgrading systems before going off on their own.
  • “I envision a set of principles like XML First, Web Services First, Virtualize First and other firsts that will inform how we develop our Government’s systems.”
  • “All of these elements are really grounded in the foundation that is cybersecurity.”




Toward these goals, you can deploy Intel Expressway Service Gateway, a purpose-built cross domain service gateway that enables secure collaboration amongst agencies.

You can address perimeter defense with wire speed XML threat protection, complex security policy enforcement and ready multi-factor integration to identity infrastructure.

And you get the Intel advantage since Intel Expressway Service Gateway has been engineered to take advantage of Intel hardware optimizations to deliver best in class performance and hardened, high-assurance security.

Please reach out to us at  intelsoainfo@intel.com or call 978-948-2585 if you need assistance.


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