Intel Expressway Service Gateway Achieves DoD PKI Certification

Hello Expressway Fans –

I just wanted to let everyone know that Intel(R) Expressway Service Gateway has just received official DoD PKI certification!

What does this certification mean? In short, its a battery of 76 certificate path processing tests covering an extensive combination DoD defined test cases. The tests ensure more than just path validation, or the act of stringing together a valid path from one certificate to a trust root. They also include policy mapping and path length checks that go beyond what is normally utilized for path validation in Enterprise cases.

In addition to evaluating how our path processing algorithm works, the testing also includes retrieving, importing, and exporting keys and certificates, storing keys and related certificates, and revocation checking (including CRL and OCSP tests).

Finally, the DoD also verifies communication protocols, the application configuration and performs a documentation review – phew!

The best part is that aside from a few options on the web interface, the feature is transparent to most users – it’s a function of how the gateway performs path processing and certificate policy evaluation based on DoD requirements.

The full battery of tests is described here.

We’re also proud to say that we are the first and only vendor to have a software appliance form-factor verified for use with the DoD PKI!



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