Forrester Cloud Jam Session DAY 1: Adaptive Strong Auth & Federated SSO – The New Power Couple

Join us this Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 10am Pacific (replay will be available after initial broadcast) as Eve Maler, Principal analyst at Forrester and Vikas Jain, Director of Product Management for Intel Cloud Identity and Security shed light on how strong authentication should be added to deliver an enterprise class secure cloud access implementation.

Register here:

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Enterprises are adopting federated SSO to cloud SaaS apps such as Google Apps and Salesforce to reduce helpdesk costs associated with password resets. But there’s another good reason to centralize authentication in the enterprise: it lets you you perform two-factor strong authentication to enable secure access to these cloud applications. Strong authentication via hardware tokens has been used to secure internal app access for some time, but recent events have shown this method to have serious downsides. As the cloud, partners, and a remote workforce drive demand for access to sensitive applications outside the traditional firewall, clearly a more convenient, adaptive, and portable strong authentication model is required. The emergence of federated internet SSO and mobile-based software tokens provide a more powerful, flexible approach.


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