Force10 cloud-in-a-rack includes Intel’s Cloud Access 360

Force10 Networks, the leader in high-performance data center networks has entered into an agreement with Intel to incorporate Intel Expressway Cloud Access 360 (ECA360) software into its top-of-rack (ToR) switching solutions to extend the functionality of its Open Automation Framework delivering secure cloud-in-a-rack solution. “We expect the combined solution will help move the Enterprise beyond tightly controlled private clouds to more scalable, open public cloud deployments.”, said Girish Juneja, director, application security and identity products at Intel. The initial integration is being done with Force10 S-Series S7000 Open Cloud Switch and virtual appliance modules.


Customers receive following benefits from this integration. 1. With ECA360 deployed in ToR switch of a cloud-in-a-rack solution, latency associated with additional network hop is greatly reduced given Force10’s 40Gbe network connectivity. 2. ECA360 secures access to both applications deployed on Force10’s cloud-in-a-rack and applications accessed in public cloud. Built-in multi-factor authentication reduces risk and provides enhanced security. 3. Applications deployed on Force10’s cloud-in-a-rack become federation enabled accepting SAML and OAUTH tokens, and can single sign-on (SSO) with public cloud applications such as Salesforce and Google Apps.

For a complete feature list visit the ECA360 product page.


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