Internal Tokenization Business Benefits

We’ve had a lot of interest in the tokenization broker lately. Read on as Product Manager Blake Dournaee shares some of the interesting use cases that are popping up in the field.  He also gives clarity to the definition of internal tokenization, which is becoming an important selling point in the market.

We are in the context of PCI DSS, and by tokenization, Blake talks about the tokenization of credit card numbers or PAN data with format-preserving tokens. The use cases we are seeing revolve around replacing PANs in documents, files or API calls with tokens, mainly for the purpose of reducing the scope of a PCI audit as well as reducing the chance of a breach.

His blog post can be found here.

You can also learn more about Intel Expressway Tokenization Broker by visiting our dedicated landing page, downloading a white paper, watching a webinar and exploring other areas of

You can even access a trial of Expressway Tokenization Broker.


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