December 14th: How to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats at the Application Layer

Today, it is clear a new wave of organized, state sponsored, espionage is targeting commercial and federal information systems with continuous long term attacks. Most vendor countermeasures are promoting anti-malware AV & simplistic IP level firewall solutions to protect client or endpoint computer systems with access to the network. This focus has proven largely ineffective as adversaries typically test against major AV packages prior to launching attacks resulting in high client infection rates. This puts more emphasis on application level security to protect information- even after client infection has occurred. In this technical webinar, independent federal security expert Gunnar Peterson explores how a Security Gateway, deployed at the network edge can deliver deeper inspection of XML based web service traffic for advanced APT threat identification, attribution, and proactive monitoring.

Join us in this webinar taking place on December 14th at 11am Pacific / 2PM Eastern.

You will learn:

  • Latest insights from federal & commercial APT countermeasure projects
  • Typical malware to app attack patterns
  • Security for inbound and outbound traffic
  • How gateway policy enforcement points can leverage IdM, AuthN and AuthZ
  • How gateways improve SIEM proactive monitoring

Don’t miss this important event. Register here.


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