How to move data from JMS to a database with SOA Expressway

The work of an information system’s developer is not only to create challenging, innovative advances in algorithms in new applications. His/her tasks also  include the creation and maintenance of support routines like the reliable copying of data from one source to another, and handling different exceptions, timeouts, hanging transactions, shifting timezones, etc. You’re lucky if all software in your system is from a single vendor and is still supported. In this case it’s likely that there are tools that can move data from one source to another, for example, from a database to a message queue. But if your task is to move data between IBM Websphere MQ with SSL-encrypted channels, MS SQL or Oracle databases and Tumbleweed FTP server, you’re likely to come across some vendor-specific implementation issues. Even if the  working prototype is finished in several days, it’ll take some more time to test it before it can be used in production.

One of possible use cases of SOA Expressway ( is rapid creation of this type of support workflow.  And SOA Expressway can execute tens of such workflows at once

Read Anton Luht’s blog about how to easily accomplish this:



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