2010 Acord Loma Insurance Systems Forum

May 24th-26th, Madalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas

ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum 2010

Intel is a Platinum Partner promoting secure information exchange in the Insurance industry.

Come see our talk on May 25th

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM     
Intel Platinum Session – Building a Secure e-Commerce Claims Processing Model
 Presenter(s): Girish Juneja, Intel SOA Products Group; Soofi Safavi, Radian Group Inc

Presentations:<br / ;Today, back end legacy data silos and systems are being connected, repackaged , and exposed as new revenue generating B2B integration opportunities. The fundamental Insurance business model has shifted from a “Need to know” to a “Need to share” mandate that involves partners, employees, and consumers. Web 2.0 portals, REST, SOA middleware, and identity infrastructure offer an arsenal of tools but a gap exists for how service enablement of applications can be done securely without overburdening mission critical systems. Join Intel and Radian, provider of private mortgage insurance and risk management products, as they present how a service gateway can be used to secure, govern, and transform electronic claims processing. The discussion highlights the notion of a canonical data model which is used to dramatically reduce the costs of integrating various data formats such as MISMO XML, EDI, and MICA. Finally, the resulting impact to Radian’s bottom line and future plans to SaaS enable the product offerings are referenced.


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